The misery quadrant

by Mood:Doom

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released April 4, 2011



all rights reserved


Mood:Doom Finland

Formed in January 2010.

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Track Name: Another species falls
Passage log

" We are heading out to the violent quadrant where interstellar. War has raged on for decades. The origin of the conflict has not been established though several theories exist. All systems nominal. Propulsion drive engaged. Setting course to The Conflict Territories. "

Divided by indifference
Ruled by isomorph mentality
No space no time will find them
In consonance

No place for harmony

Cities in chaos orbits ablaze
Of alien inference

Another turbulent collective
In persistent turmoil of futility
A civilization engulfed - in flames

Their history restored nowhere
No planet within their reach
No stars to witness their downfall

Another species falls

Fallen prey to their own creation
Biomechanical death
A result of their own science
Cloaking their only hope

The isomorphs scan, track and kill them
A triumph of ultimate technology
No room for organic life
No room for breathing

Another species falls
Track Name: Dormant
Several years of hibernation
Countless wormholes of emptiness
Space the hostile cradle
Of cosmic slumber

Journey of infinite distance
Ignorant of a chance
To find a cure - to find a home
To be awakened by sudden sensor alert


Brought back to senses
From the inert embrace
Lit by the eclipsing moon
Circling above the surface


Technology awakes
Sensors track scanners confirm
Travelling hundred years
Just to find a perfect circle of defeat

Home again

Track Name: Massive subspace distortion
Second degree subspatial anomalies detected
Engage isolation shieldwaves
Secure atmospheric controls
Maintain gravity and wait for further instructions

Massive subspace distortion
Deceptive sensor readings
Trajectory unconfirmed
Assimilated data deleted

As planets adapt to solar winds
Massive distortions rise
Breaking through the dormant skies
From inconspicuous corridors

Defensive shields of radiation
Phase integrity aligned
Massive subspace distortion
Cloaked in phantom nebula

Particle drive deactivation
Malfunction in the higher systems
The quadrant trembles under solar flares
Inertial dampers subside with radiation

Massive subspace distortion

Shield generator at maximum
Engage the isolation wave
Distorted winds of subspace
Retreat in defeat

Massive subspace distortion
Track Name: A century of interplanetary war (in 3 parts)
I - Declaration

Countless hostile ships
Waging a neverending war
Wormhole after another
Bringing vast destruction

The Isomorph races
Reinforce their ranks
Immune to radiation
Programmed not to negotiate

This galaxy is raped by war
Artificial intelligence rules by norm
A confrontation - assimilation
Recycle the resources to perfection

Suffering a century
of interplanetary war

II - Crossing the battlefield

III - Twilight of vengeance

Far away another race
Driven from their homes
Plant again the seeds of life
For another Isomorph army

Learned nothing from history
Driven by self-destruction
Progression of technology
The fall of humanoid evolution

Electric revolution
Through utter annihilation
Another army of perfection
Repeat the cycle after regeneration

Another generation
In this misery quadrant
To be defeated
By their own creation

Another century of interplanetary war
Another century to come
Track Name: Firesnake
Part I

Far beneath the cosmic clouds
Hidden from the naked eye
Untraceable to censors

Cloaked in grim caress
A scourge to sear your soul
To annihilate at will
Only ashes in its wake

In this cold burning space
Incendiary slither
Soul-burning viper
Behold the Firesnake

Melting moons scorching stars
Galaxies cry planets fall
Atmospheres in flames
Born of billion burning suns

Part II

A lethal burning nature
Countless worlds in flames
Living in the shadows
To annihilate another world

Firesnake slowly slithers on
Burning everything in its path
Only ashes in its wake
A world of funeral

Appearing from nothingness
The Firesnake prevails
Flames of chaos feed its soul
Breathing toxic flames

Track Name: Temporal inertia
Quantum distortion
A plasma relay burn
Defective interface
Sensors unaligned

Anomalous sector in the quantum field
Temporal flux detected in the master code
Radiation shields malfunction
Phase displacement imminent
Extraneous data incompatible
Reinitialize the plasma core
Total failure of the helms control
Analyze, theorize, implement the norm

Planetary turbulence
Polar dislocation
Unnatural signal
Seismic detonation

" A state of temporal flux detected. Backup systems failure. Confirm course of action. Enter the master override code. Selfdestruct sequence in 2 minutes. Awaiting confirmation... awaiting confirmation... "

Intermittent cosmic incohesion
Data overload
Massive leak of plasma fuel
In zero gravity inertia

Distorted data pathways
Conflicting subspace stream
Signal mutation
Protocosmic devastation
Track Name: The silent galaxies
Ramses journey onwards
Dark vast spaces unseen
Wwo pulsating black holes
Reflecting the universe

Surrounded by yellow galaxies
One journey came to an end
The endless one has begun

Hear the silent humming
Of the stars flickering past

The silent galaxies in frozen solitude
The great ancients once knew

Hidden by a darkened star
A goal of eternal rest
By silent blinding light of infinity
Cloaked in random shapeless space

The spirit carries on
Pyramid shaped destination
Invisible to these mortal eyes

Ramses, carry on
Carry on ...